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Scott Riggan
Indie Christian Singer Songwriter
International touring artist
Scott Riggan is a songwriter and world traveler who creates real music for real people. “More than ever before, I’m writing the songs that I personally need to hear,” explains Scott. 

In his career as an indie artist, Scott has toured the globe (four continents and counting!) playing his music for new friends far and wide. He's had a #1 hit on Christian radio (along with other Top 20 songs), received a Dove Award nomination and an “honorable mention” in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

A worship pastor in Idaho, Riggan lives on a small ranch with his family. After a long break from songwriting, he's back with a new record called Beautiful and Terrible.

With the Rigganators, Scott is creating a worldwide community of friends and music lovers who share a love for God and for authentic music.
Hear what folks are saying about Scott's music:
"If I could write a song about what the last few years have been, it would be What Remains. It reminds me of what matters in this life and helps me remember the good that has come out of the last few years."

- Autumn in Boise, ID

"Beautiful and Terrible" has become a soundtrack for my life. Such a great mix of songs - from uplifting and fun to soulful and sobering."

- Heather in Louisville, KY

"My favorite is Even If. Wow, an amazing song and so timely for where we are today. I am really blown away ... Thanks for sharing your music and your heart."

- Mike in Boise, ID

"A musical home run ... perfect for personal worship - songs with a theology of abandon that call us to give all we are to God."

- Worship Leader Magazine
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